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Fight a DUI to protect your commercial driver’s license

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Criminal Law

If you were caught drinking and driving while behind the wheel of a personal or commercial vehicle, your commercial license may have been put at risk. If you lost your license, your career may have ended immediately.

For you, getting your license back is the first step to returning to a career you loved. A revoked license can be reinstated in Michigan, so there may be an opportunity for you to get yours back and get back behind the wheel.

Getting past your first-offense DUI

If you have a first-offense DUI on your record, you’ll lose your commercial license for one year. This suspension is mandatory. This is problematic for most drivers because it means that they immediately lose the ability to do their jobs. They may find that they are fired from their work because a DUI is now on their record, too, so even once their license is reinstated they still have to look for new work.

This is frustrating and can cause major problems in your life, but you should know that the situation can be resolved after that suspension period. At that time, you can pay a license reinstatement fee and get your license back.

After that, you may want to reach back out to your old employer or talk to someone you’ve been looking into working with to see if you can get hired again. A DUI on your record won’t look good, but there are several companies that will hire people with DUIs on their record. The older the DUI is, the better it looks for you.

Fighting a DUI is the right choice

Regardless of what might happen upon conviction, your goal should be to fight a DUI and avoid a conviction to begin with. Attorneys go over the details of your case and look for any mistakes or errors that the police may have made. They’ll look at the evidence that is against you and for any ways to get the charges reduced or altered.

In some cases, it may be possible to get a charge dismissed, which will help you keep your license and maintain your career.